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Sports betting money line calculator golf betting this week

Sports betting money line calculator

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All you need to do is pick the winning team. The odds would look something like this:. The amount that is set by the oddsmakers is based on how they foresee a game unfolding from a scoring perspective. If you believe the combined score for both teams will be points or more, you would bet the OVER. For point spread bets , the oddsmaker adjusts the line so that the underdog gets an advantage. You would enter in the American Odds section if you believe Boston will cover or enter in the American Odds section if you think New York will cover.

If you bet on the Knicks, then they would have to win by four points or more. If you bet on the Celtics, they would need to win outright or lose by three points or less for you to win your bet. Prop betting is a wager based on occurrences or non-occurrences during a game or season.

Props are what we call novelty bets because they can consist of individual player or team milestones, and will appear like so at betting sites:. If he scores more, your bet loses. Our odds calculator can compute just about everything, including live betting. And Fractional odds are the ratio of the amount of money profit won to the amount of money wagered.

The handicapping, sports odds information contained on this website is for entertainment purposes only. Please confirm the wagering regulations in your jurisdiction as they vary from state to state, province to province and country to country. Using this information to contravene any law or statute is prohibited. The site is not associated with nor is it endorsed by any professional or collegiate league, association or team. OddsShark does not target an audience under the age of Please visit gambleaware.

Google Tag Manager. Oddshark logo linked to Home. Close Menu. Odds Shark Top Sportsbooks 1. Visit operator for details. The Packers would be 1. The Vikings would be 2. Fractional Odds are used primarily in the UK and Ireland. Few bettors use fractional odds for betting sports other than horse racing , because the conversions to understand return are difficult.

To calculate winnings on fractional odds, multiply your bet by the top number numerator , then divide the result by the bottom denominator. Odds correlate to the probability of a team winning, which is the implied probability. A favorite has about a To calculate implied probability, use the following formulas:. As a responsible bettor, it is important to understand proper bankroll management.

Your payout includes your potential winnings, plus whatever you bet originally. Sports Betting.


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The payout odds on the favorite and underdog can differ significantly on a moneyline bet. Using a moneyline calculator breaks down the math on the odds, which allows bettors to assess the true value on each side. The following page includes the OddsCoach. Fill in the dollar amount for your bet and the American Odds for example and calculate the implied probability and the return on the moneyline. Legal US sportsbooks generally present several different ways to wager on sports.

Moneyline bets represent just one of several different wagering options, which include point spread, totals, parlays, and in-game betting. A moneyline wager allows the bettor to put a bet on which team or athlete will win a contest, straight up. The moneyline underdog will always pay out at better odds than the favorite. Skilled bettors look for value on moneyline bets by evaluating teams that have a better chance of winning than the implied probability of the odds might dictate. PointsBet sets the Los Angeles Dodgers as the favorite in the game, with moneyline odds.

Decimal odds can be used to make a simple calculation of odds multiplied by wager amount to arrive at the total amount returned to the bettor. The odds on Los Angeles, for example, convert to 1. The Odds Coach Moneyline Calculator allows for quick calculations for any wager amount and payout odds.

Using American, decimal, fractional, Hong Kong, Indonesian, or Malay Odds, you can input the odds and the amount of a wager and see the payout that would come if the bet is a win. For any favorite or underdog input, the calculator produces the implied probability of that team winning.

Astute bettors can use the calculator to find teams that have a higher actual win probability than the implied probability dictated by the odds. Suppose you wanted to put the Odds Coach Moneyline Calculator to work to decide how you wanted to bet on Game 1 of the World Series.

A tool like our moneyline calculator can be a crucial component of a betting strategy when evaluating odds at sportsbooks that use different notations. The math used in calculating the payout on a moneyline is pretty simple. It is one of the most important first steps to understanding sports betting and is crucial to success.

Even -1,, odds still yields some profit from a win:. And here is a graph of profit for positive numbers. The really important difference is that the line is linear. That goes on forever. The calculation changes based on if it is a positive or negative odd. It is important to notice that multiplying by -1 is required to give us the positive payout:.

Sportsbooks make money by setting lines that bring in an appropriate amount of wagers on both sides of a bet. The house offers odds that factor in a cut of overall wagers, known as vig, that goes to the sportsbook. A Tampa Bay win in that situation is even more disastrous for the sportsbook. If the bets coming in on a game are too one-sided, the line on the game will start to move to try to prompt more bets for the other side.

Several states now offer both retail and online sports betting, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Illinois, Indiana, Colorado, and several others. The higher the number the more likely the team is expected to lose in the eyes of the oddsmakers. Tennessee Titans' betting trends The Titans head into Week 9 of the NFL season at on the money line and tied for first place in the Looking to get some betting action on the World Series?

We'll be providing game-by-game picks throughout baseball's championship series, and here we'll go over all the key terms you need to know to place a legal, online MLB bet. Also see: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Indianapolis Colts' betting results The Colts went straight up last season, winning just seven games outright on the moneyline.

They were against the Please enter an email address. Something went wrong. Money lines are represented in negative and positive values. Negative money line: , , or anything similar When you see a minus - sign in front of a price, it shows you that team is the favorite to win the game.

Related What does chalk mean in sports betting? Alabama vs. Ohio State: How to bet on the National Championship game.

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The betting odds calculator allows you to input your stake & odds in American, Bet Type. Single Bet, Parlay. American Odds. Decimal Odds. Fractional Odds will have a minus (-) sign, and represent the money you need to risk to win $ Few bettors use fractional odds for betting sports (other than horse racing). Mobile friendly moneyline calculator and sports betting calculators. Display payouts based on odds wagered. Money line calculator, Gambling calculator, Point. Using Moneyline Odds. The moneyline is one of the most common bets. This is a straight-up bet. All you need to do is pick the winning team.