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Betting basketball tips

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The problem is, having a favorite can bias your betting decisions. You want your team to win. Emotions are almost guaranteed to lead to poor long-term results. The takeaway: if you want to make a profit, set aside your favorites and bet with your head. Cold, calculated logic, preferably supported with solid data, trumps emotion every time. You can really go into the weeds with statistics when it comes to basketball. Rather, identify the important stuff and disregard the rest. What basketball stats should you focus on?

Here are several that can have a big influence on the outcomes of games:. Zero in on the ones that do, starting with those listed above. This is something that most novice basketball betters miss. Oddsmakers adjust the lines on games as action pours into one side or the other. Their goal is to balance the action. When a lot of action flows in, that balancing act occasionally requires big, sudden line movements.

You notice that the line has shifted abruptly in favor of the latter. A smart play at that point would be to follow the line. Sometimes, the movements stem from major changes in personnel — for example, Lebron James yanking a hamstring during game-night practice. Eighty-two games per season makes for an exhausting grind.

The fact that starters manage to move themselves up and down the court late in the season is impressive. They get tired, particularly after playing several nights in a row. They suffer fatigue. The effect is even more pronounced on the road. Not only does the court time take its toll, but sleeping in hotels, eating out, and being away from the comforts of home does, too. Burnout is common after a long series. The takeaway: think twice before betting on a team suffering from court fatigue.

For example, imagine if the Warriors were scheduled to play the 76ers. If Bovada were to allow folks to bet on which team was likely to win, all of the action would flow to the Warriors. And if, as most people would predict, the Warriors were to beat the 76ers, Bovada would take a major drubbing. They figure a hot team is likely to maintain its momentum and cover the spread. As the streak lengthens, more action pours into the side favoring the team enjoying the streak.

Oddsmakers respond by adjusting the lines and point spreads. That makes it more difficult to bet against the spread on the favored team. These teams are avoided by most bettors, which means oddsmakers may give you an extra point or two in an attempt to balance the action. While matchups, both in terms of teams and positions, are important to take into account, trends are all but irrelevant in basketball. You want to be aware of its performance throughout the season.

But trends in basketball betting refer to something completely different. Trends point to whether a team has managed to cover its spread in the last three games. They merely give you general insight into what other bettors many of them misinformed or uninformed are doing with their bets. Oddsmakers are adept at setting lines. They use mountains of data and vetted predictive models to accurately forecast outcomes. For example, a Miami Heat If the spread is a whole number and the team end up winning by or losing by exactly that number, then the bet becomes a push and your money is refunded.

Alternative Point Spread — This is the same as a standard point spread but with a different number of points. Not many bookies offer this market but some, like bet, offer 10 points either side of the point spread line. We love putting accumulators and banker doubles onto these as part of our NBA tips!

Game Totals — This is simply betting on the total number of points scored in a game. This means you need or more total points in the game to win the Overs and or less to win the Unders. If the game total is a whole number and ends up being the same as the total points scored then your bet becomes a push and your stake is refunded.

Note that all of the above includes overtime! Again this can be found on bet, found under the alternative game totals tab. Parlay — This is an American term for an accumulator. Check out our other sports betting tips here:. Our Twitter account not only offers live updates on the latest NBA tips, but other sports betting tips too. For all this plus a healthy dose of sporting news and humour, follow us at FootySuperTips. They provide information to help you make informed decisions about your gambling.

We are committed to responsible gambling and have a number of ways to help you stay in control and keep gambling fun. Latest NBA Predictions. Dallas Mavericks Reason for tip Atlanta are still without DeAndre Hunter and that could swing this matchup in the favour of Dallas.

Reason for tip Brooklyn continue to be incredibly inconsistent, as highlighted by their loss to Detroit last night, and could be in for further trouble when they host Indiana. Los Angeles Clippers Reason for tip The Clippers have lost three of their last four games but have a perfect bounce-back opportunity against the struggling Timberwolves. Reason for tip New Orleans stormed to victory over Houston last night but may not have it all their own way when they visit Chicago.

Denver Nuggets Reason for tip Cleveland have lost their last four games and could be in for more problems when they face Denver. Reason for tip Milwaukee have been flying having won their last five, but the streak could come to an end tonight when they take on Phoenix. LA Lakers Reason for tip OKC were able to force overtime against L.

Best Odds. NBA Double Tip. What NBA tips do you offer? Each night our expert tipsters put up the following NBA picks: Accumulator — These are not only our most popular bet type but also one of our most confident NBA predictions. Who will win the NBA championship? More Info. Betting Blog. FootySuperTips Find us on Facebook info freesupertips. Call the National Gambling Helpline: freephone 8am to midnight, 7 days a week. Special Offers. New users only.

Awarded as 4 equal free bets total first deposit amount.

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Login User name. Remember me Forgot password? Sign up Log in. Live betting tips. Under Bet now! Valencia BC — Campus Promete. Burevestnik Yaroslavl — Vostok Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Nadezhda Orenburg — Sparta K Vidnoe. Under 44 1st period. Over Phoenix Suns — Milwaukee Bucks. Denver Nuggets — Cleveland Cavaliers. Chicago Bulls — New Orleans Pelicans. Brooklyn Nets — Indiana Pacers. Over 1st half. Washington Wizards — Toronto Raptors.

Yoast United — Den Helder Suns. Basket Torino — Agribertocchi Orzinuovi. Junior Casale Monferrato — Pallacanestro Mantovana. UCLA has won the most national championship of any school, with 11 to their name. The NCAA tournament is an extremely popular event for basketball fans and for basketball betting enthusiasts, with the annual quest for the biggest prize in college basketball drawing a lot of eyes and a lot of bets. But throughout the season, there are many games to bet on and many ways to win if betting on college basketball is something you are interested in.

There are also many factors and tips to keep in mind that can help you achieve success with college basketball betting. College basketball bettors have no shortage of options to consider. Here is a look at popular college basketball betting options. Spread betting is a good option if you are confident that the favorite will win by a certain amount or if you think the underdog will perform well enough for the margin to be inside a certain amount, whether or not they win.

For Duke to cover the Moneyline betting is a good option if you are confident that the favorite will win but may not cover the spread or if you feel that the underdog will win straight up and not just cover the spread. In college basketball, you can bet on how many combined points will be scored in a half or in the full game. Some sportsbooks may even offer bets on how many points one team may score. For the over to win, points or more would have to be scored. For the under to win, or fewer points would have to be scored.

So, say Duke beats Kentucky , the over These odds are regularly updated to reflect recent results. It could be the point margin in which a team will win by, if the game total will be odd or even, which team will reach a certain point target first, and more. For example, if you bet on the over Is your money safe there? Are you going to get paid in a timely manner if you win? Is there a history of complaints or positive reviews?

That extra coin saved or earned from getting lower juice can be worth as much to some players as good bonuses are to others. Over the course of a month, that adds up. Finding a sportsbook that has a reliable, fast live betting platform that has a variety of available games and bet options can make a big difference.