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Football online betting sites in nigeria newspapers

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About Contact Us. Latest Posts. Disclosure Statement. The writer, Benson Chukwueke does not work for, consult to, own shares in or receive funding from any of the firm or bookmakers that may benefit from this article. The information here is based on research at GreenHunters Sports International.

Of course, the reliability of the random sampling can be questioned and are likely to change as the days go by. Therefore, we advise you to seek the most current information before you take any risk. Every bettor in Nigeria has a story to tell about his or her own personal experience with bookmakers.

While some applaud few sports betting firms for their reliability, others have complained bitterly for the impromptu pay out to winners and insincerity on the part of some bookmakers in Nigeria. So we decided to survey 50, bettors across the country [Perhaps, not an adequate sample size], but then their feedback can serve as some sort of recommendations to you.

We asked the respondents to rank [from 0 to 5 stars] over 20 sports betting brands in Nigeria. Below is the summary of the five highest ranked. But then, your own comments and recommendations are highly welcome. Bet is arguably the most popular sports betting online. Its well spread across the world and may have enjoyed the largest patronage even in Nigeria. Easy to play both on desk top and mobile platform and their pay out to winners account are automatic.

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From , through till now merrybet has remain one of the leading sport…. No1 news Directory In Nigeria. Buying fashion these days can be very expensive, especially with the current high foreign exchange rate. Does this mean people now have to break the bank to look good? Not necessarily! With smarter shopping methods, you can fish out affordable and beautiful fashion pieces. Check out some stunning gowns you can buy for less than N6K. The Swing me Dress: This beautiful piece is effortlessly stylish.

You can rock it to a casual event, a wedding or even the office, depending on…. Communication and Entertainment channel for Nigerians on cyberspace. Come and connected with millions of Nigerians across the world. Form new friendships and relationships. Best social networking sites for nigerians and friends of nigerians. Instead of Nigerians being forced to find an international site that has a few enticing bets and a relatively uncomplicated currency conversion system, they can instead enjoy the ease and simplicity of finding all of the best football betting lines on a site that only deals in Naira.

Finally, anyone who is interested in trying their luck at online casino games can easily switch from placing a football wager to playing a football-themed video slot on NairaBET. Features of Interest: NairaBET is one of the few online sportsbooks that allows users to place bets over the phone as long as they have proper login credentials, which is a convenient option.

NairaBET is also completely optimized for a seamless mobile experience. They understand that users want the convenience of being able to make smooth and easy transactions via smartphone or tablet, so they have made sure that every part of their website is compatible with all brands and operating systems. Betway Betway is an online casino that has an international reputation and specializes in creating country-specific online betting sites across the globe.

In addition, each site they operate is also licensed by the local gambling authority for that nation for more stringent quality controls and an overall better gambling experience. Game Selection: Like most other popular Nigerian sports betting sites, Betway maintains a huge football betting market with competitive odds and plenty of different bet types that encompass almost every FIFA confederation.

In addition to this exceptionally diverse portfolio of games to wager on, Betway also offers an extensive array of bet types as well. This makes finding and placing bets easy and convenient. Players can place live bets during select events, which takes the betting experience to the next level in terms of excitement. The registration process is very easy, which is appealing for both brand new bettors as well as more experienced punters. Most players can breeze through. Because Betway is a globally recognized brand, they have a lucrative Betway Loyalty programme that lets punters earn points toward free bets.

One final feature that players will appreciate is the numerous ways in which customer service can be reached. They operate a live chat and telephone center, and they also have a local support email that is only for the Nigerian market. This means that questions and problems can be addressed quickly so that bets can be placed in a timely manner. Banking and Security: One advantage that Betway has over other Nigerian betting sites is the fact that they are a large corporation with extensive connections and resources.

This allows them to offer the best, most convenient banking and security options that are tailored specifically to the Nigerian market. Deposits and withdrawals can be made via debit or credit cards as well as through other popular banking options such as Airtel Money.

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It doesn't matter if it is 1. You cannot break it down into different bets. If you break it down, it will take the entire N1, at your first attempt and still record only your chosen stake. Sports betting in Nigeria has really taken off since the mids, with thousands of sports betting retail outletslocated all around the major cities and towns. Since the World Cup in South Africa, online sports betting has also started to gain in popularity with many local Nigerian sports betting companies now offering sports betting via shops,desktop and mobile platforms.

One such company is merry bet. From , through till now merrybet has remain one of the leading sport…. No1 news Directory In Nigeria. Buying fashion these days can be very expensive, especially with the current high foreign exchange rate. Does this mean people now have to break the bank to look good? Not necessarily!

With smarter shopping methods, you can fish out affordable and beautiful fashion pieces. Check out some stunning gowns you can buy for less than N6K. Whichever club or country you support, they are your perfect football source. The site is arguably one of the biggest sport blogs in Nigeria — if not the biggest — with over reporters on the ground in more than 50 countries, to get closer to the action.

They pride themselves in creating original content at the source to deliver the news from the leagues, teams and players that matter. No wonder over 64 million football fans trust Goal. It was first published in December and is the most-widely-read sports publication in the country according to All Media and Product Survey AMPS research, and CCL is the oldest and longest-running sports publishing group in Nigeria that was established in but incorporated as CCL in Brila was founded by frontline sportswriter, analyst and presenter, Dr Larry Izamoje.

The Nigeria foremost sports news house has grown into a strong establishment with a dynamic online presence and the Brila audio-visual App to reach sports fans wherever, anytime, every time. The site serves breaking sports news, sports radio, lifestyle, live scores, betting tips, and much more, with its headquarters in Lagos.

Their radio station operates on the They also have an online TV on YouTube and Google Plus which is founded on the energetic, no-holds-barred, entertaining and authoritative approach that stands them out. They are able to get that accolade because according to them they work all day and night writing and reporting trending football stories from Nigeria and Beyond and never sleep!

This site aims to help provide Nigerians and lovers of Nigerian football an outlet to know the latest happenings about the Nigerian domestic league and Nigerian football in general. Owngoalnigeria was launched on January 7th with only three writers, but they have since expanded, with as many as ten writers contributing on a daily basis.

The style of their reporting, which is mainly focused on the news as they break or even before they become public knowledge has endeared the sports site to the football-loving people of Nigeria, and lovers of Nigerian football.

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