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His rockabilly-inspired quiff is nearly a fifth member of the band, rising from his head all proud and shiny and high, requiring two different kinds of greasy stuff to maintain. Betting tips horses today as striking is his gigantic belt buckle, acquired in Japan: a metallic eagle emblazoned with a Kawasaki motorcycle logo. Dre on New LP. At 27, Turner is obviously a man who has decided how he wants to look. Perhaps not coincidentally, with their just-released fifth album, AMhe and his bandmates became equally clear on how they want to sound. The material is new, and the more rhythm-centric approach is even newer.

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Not going to get a lot of sacks, but terrific against the run. Who does that sound like? It sounds like Snacks Harrison to me. Who the Giants cut in mid-season because … ahem… "all he did" was stop the run, he didn't get sacks. After his release, Big Blue spent the rest of the season getting gashed by runs right up the gut.

Had to fix that. So to fill the Snacks hole, we draft Young Snacks. All it cost us was a Hall of Fame receiver. For the most part. The Giants did not actually release Damon Harrison , for example. They traded him to the Detroit Lions for a conditional fifth-round pick, which the Giants later used as part of the trade up the board for No. Martin is correct that Lawrence is viewed as a player very much in the mold of Harrison, though, which certainly makes the selection an interesting one.

And Martin is not alone in believing the Giants should not have taken Jones at No. It was one of the most-criticized picks of the weekend, especially after GM Dave Gettleman implied that Jones could sit behind Eli Manning for as many as three seasons. Martin and Giants fans can only hope his apprenticeship works out as well as Arya Stark's training with the Faceless Men, or else the Giants will be looking for a new quarterback pretty soon.

By Jared Dubin. Apr 29, at pm ET 2 min read. That's some pretty good analysis right there! Seahawks won't really let Russell Wilson leave, right? George R. Martin is against Jones pick Jared Dubin 2 min read. Power Rankings: Wrapping up season Pete Prisco 2 min read. Super Bowl hangover real?

Here's a look Bryan DeArdo 10 min read. Brady's hilariously brilliant plan to win Super Bowl prop John Breech 3 min read. They also let their best wideout, Robbie Anderson, walk. Got nothing for him. Others teams build around their best players, but the Jets seems intent on getting rid of them all. It is the coach and the GM that they should be getting rid of. At this point, I think is a very real possibility. The Giants are a different story. Yes, they are as well… but they keep almost winning, whereas the Jets just get blown out.

That was certainly true this past weekend against the Cowboys. The G-Men outplayed Dallas for most of the game and should have gotten the W… but they were up against the zebras too, and you can never beat the zebras. The refs overturned not one but two Giants touchdowns on bullshit ticky-tacky penalties, and then, on the Cowboys game-winning drive, overlooked an absolutely flagrant hold by Dallas.

Give the G-Men those two TDs and they win going away. And believe me, they needed that win. Joe Judge has yet to win a game as head coach, but I have a lot more faith in him than I do in Gase. At least the Giants make it close. I think Big Blue will find a few wins sometime this season. Current Mood: embarrassed. The big difference this week was that only the Giants lost on Sunday.

The Jets got it over with early and lost on Thursday night. But not much. Aside from that, the theme was more or less the same as the first couple of weeks. The Jets were defeated by the Denver Broncos They actually scored first in this contest, and led again briefly in the second half, but of course they fell apart at the end. It was the closest contest they have had all year, but that was not entirely encouraging. The Broncos are another dreadful team, though plainly not as dreadful as Gang Green.

Denver was also entering the game. Now they are and the Jets are Worse, the Broncos were the weakest opponent the Jets are going to face for quite a while. Looking at what lies ahead for them in the weeks to come, I think there is a very real possibility Gang Green may be or or Away games are always harder, even when they have cardboard cutouts in the stands in place of fans.

A loss is a loss is a loss, but I have to say, the G-Men gave a really good effort in this one. The final score was , but the Giants had a chance to tie the game and maybe even win it right up to the last minute of the fourth quarter, when Daniel Jones threw a drive-killing INT near the Rams goal line. That was his only turnover of the game, however; despite being sacked numerous times and pressured constantly, he did not lose a fumble, which came as a huge relief. Meanwhile, the defense did a really good job of holding the potent Rams offense, which has been scoring 30 a game, in check.

The biggest problem continues to be the O line. The Giants have been trying to bolster that for years, with trades, free agent signings, and high draft picks, but it remains a mess. Maybe one day.. The Giants are not going to be going to the playoffs. All chance of that ended when Saquon Barkley went down.

But I think they might manage to win a few games before the season ends. Current Mood: depressed. The Giants lost their first two games, but at least they were competitive. They hung tough in those contests, even had a shot at winning or at least taking the lead late in the game. Not today.

Today the G-Men looked as bad as the Jets. The 49ers crushed them. Come the afternoon game, the Jets were miserable again. Adam Gase needs to be fired. Jets ownership thinks he is an offensive genius, yeah… but you know how you can tell if a coach is an offensive genius? Their offenses score some points. The Jets are getting worse, not better. And Sam Darnold, our heralded quarterback of the future, is regressing.

He threw three INTs this afternoon, and gave up a safety. He was supposed to be the best prospect in his draft class, but right now he is looking like the worst. Looking at the schedule in the weeks to come, Gang Green could easily go or , unless they win one soon. Most of the year, I work seven days a week. This year, that is starting to look like an exercise in masochism. Current Mood: discontent. In many ways, a replay of last week.

The Jets were terrible, just awful. Awful offense, awful defense. The 49ers scored a Td on the first play of the game with an 80 yard run from scrimmage. That never would happened if Jamal Adams was still in green and white. Every game, every play, letting Adams go looks worse and worse. Sure, sure, you can say maybe the Jets will pick up some future Hall of Famers with those draft choices. Maybe, perhaps, mayhaps. Adams, however, is a sure bet to go into Canton if he keeps playing at this level the rest of his career.

Oh, and letting Robby Anderson go is looking pretty bad as well. Darnold has no one to throw to. If they keep playing at this level, Gang Green will be competing for the 1 overall pick in the draft. The Giants lost too, of course. But just like last week, it was a much better loss… if any loss can be considered good. Danny Jones committed too many turnovers, and of course the loss of Saquon to injury was devastating.

He was and is the best player on the team. That being said, despite the turnover and the injury, the Giants hung tough and were in the game right up to the final play. But… sigh… it did not happen. So both the New York teams are Oh, and the fake crowd noise continues to be annoying.

Come on, NFL. That is so stupid. The NFL season has begun. Teams playing in empty stadiums, to the sound of piped-in crowd noise. The empty stadiums are a necessity in the midst of our pandemic, of course. That needs to continue to keep everyone safe. I could live without the fake crowd sounds, however. The whole cool thing about playing before a crowd is the reactions of the fans… the roars that greet a good play by the home team, the groans and curses that greet a bad play, or a good one by the visiting team, the boos that rain down from time to time.

Trying to replace that with some guy in a booth twisting dials just adds an element phoniness we do not need. Let them play in the quiet. But scores can be deceptive. The Jets game was not nearly as close as the score would indicate. The Giants game was much closer than the score would indicate. The Jets were never in their game, not for a second. The Bills beat them every way a team could be beaten.

You kind of had to expect the D to stink, since they traded away their best player Jamal Adams for some magic beans. Clearly he is not. The Bills Josh Allen outplayed him from start to finish, and down in Baltimore Lamar Jackson is setting the league on fire. The Jets could have had either, but chose Darnold instead. More and more, that is looking like a bad decision. An even worse decision was hiring Adam Gase as coach.

The team was not ready to play. You can blame the coronovirus and the lack of a pre-season, sure, except the Bills had the same handicaps, and they looked just fine. The Giants, on the other hand, were right in the thick of the things from opening kickoff to the moment Dan Jones threw that awful interception in the end zone.

Way way better than Darnold, though he has been in the league only half as long. They came hard after Big Ben all night, hit hard, hung tough. That play drive was a thing of beauty till the end, and the bomb to Slayton was lovely to watch as well. This was the first outing for new head coach Joe Judge… and a definite upgrade over what we saw under Pat Shurmur. The New York Jets, having not won a SuperBowl since or been in the playoffs since , often have very high draft picks.

Sometimes, however, they get a really terrific premium talent, the kind of generational player you can build a contender around. This blog is the only place for official communication from George R. Blog Home George's Website. And Gase still has a job. Current Mood: gloomy Tags: nfl. Another Ugly Loss October 28, at pm.

Need I even mention that the Jets lost another one on Sunday? The Jets are just awful and they need to fire Adam Gase, the sooner the better. Shudder October 23, at am.


For years, fans have been speculating on who will eventually rule Westeros. If you were rooting for Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen on the throne, good luck. According to bookies, the main favourite for the Iron Throne is none other than Bran Stark. The crippled son of Ned Stark is far up in the North honing his skin-changing and clairvoyant powers under the guidance of the Three-Eyed Raven, the mystical greenseer who can look back and forward in time. Plus, no one is really sure that Bran will even want to sit on the Throne, preferring other characters instead.

And, their odds look much better. Since being exiled to the Wall, Jon Snow won the hearts of every fan of the show. More importantly, the show revealed that Jon Snow may actually have a claim to the throne. A bit surprisingly, Sansa Stark has been made a third favourite by most online bookmakers to sit on the Iron Throne.

Sansa has become a powerful figure and an ally to her long-lost brother Jon Snow, ruling Winterfell with a steel hand like her dad before. Considering the fact that Jon never wanted to be a leader, staking on his sister might actually be a good idea.

It took a long time before everyone in Westeros realized that the real threat comes from the North, like the Night Watch and Jon Snow have been saying for a while. While the famous houses are fighting in the south, a deadly threat has emerged in the North. With winter setting in, the Night King and his army of undead now with dragons!

And what I had to do if he won the bet was to kill him horribly within the books. So I invented a character called Ser Patrek of King's Mountain and described his heraldry as looking somewhat like the heraldry of the Dallas Cowboys with the silver star on a white field.

That giant's name? The giant Wun Wun was named by George R. Martin after Phil Simms 11 , a quarterback of his favorite team, The Giants. GameofThrones pic. Fast forward to the next Giants Super Bowl team. Belicho's death in that particular book is also a reference to the Super Bowl , where an undefeated Patriots team lost to the New York Giants-Belichick's fourth time going to the big game. Martin drops hints about the Giants; he doesn't mince words about the Jets. Wrote Martin after a loss to the Chiefs: "Life is meaningless and full of pain.

Watching the Jets week after week has become an exercise in masochism. Martin's two teams have reversed fortunes since that post. Or, the Giants can just draft one of Martin's scariest characters and save the author the trouble of a clever hint.

Eleven-year-old Baylen Brees can thank No. The Browns QB will step up to the podium and drop an Easter egg or two or six. Here are the ones we've caught. Atlanta's kicker is having an unbelievable season. Even more unbelievable? How far he came to get here. Volume up. You'll want to hear this flow from the glasses-wearing Georgia product with the golden leg. The Chiefs' star tackle is as good at making pizza as he is at blocking defenders. Try his recipe today. The new home of the Rams and Chargers just turned on its one-of-a-kind video board and it is something to behold.

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And his thoughts on life, love, and writing are always fascinating, — Hemingway could not have been an easy friend; his judgements of others could be scathing and acidic. Alice Roosevelt Longworth would have wanted him sitting near her, for certain, — whatever golden glow might light the moveable feast of Paris in the 20s, I can never escape the knowledge that after the 20s came the 30s, when the lights went out all over Europe. You know. And that makes me think of the world today, and shiver.

It was, in fact, published posthumously, after Hemingway took his own life. He was writing and editing it during the last years of his life… an old man, rich and famous and sad, looking back on his youth when he was poor and struggling and unknown, but alive and vital, in love with his first wife and with Paris, drunk on dreams of what the future might hold, of all the possibilities that lay before him.

Reading it, I could not help but reflect on my own life. We all have our own moveable feasts. For me, I think, it was science fiction fandom in the 70s. I was a struggling writer then, just as Hemingway was in the 20s; writing, writing, going to workshops, collecting rejections, trying to get better, never knowing when the next sale might come.

When I got hungry I went looking for an editor with an expense account who might buy me a meal elsewise I was scrounging in the con suite. Giants walked the halls in those days, and I had the good fortune to meet a few of them, if only to tell them what their work had meant to me.

I shook the hands of C. Like Hemingway in Paris, I never had much money. Were those the bad parts? Or the good parts? From , it is not easy to say. They make me smile now, as I look back. But if I try, I know that there were really bad parts too. Like Hemingway, though, I choose not to dwell on them. The world was a fucked-up place, then as now, but fandom was a refuge; warm, welcoming, strange but in a good way , a community unlike any I had ever known, united by a shared love of our peculiar little branch of literature and the people who wrote it.

There is a part of me that somehow hopes that going back to the same hotel in the same city, I might somehow recapture something of those nights. But my head knows better. My head knows those days are gone forever, along with so many of the people that I shared them with.

I wonder how often Papa Hemingway returned to Paris in the 40s and 50s, and what he thought of the place when he did. Maybe you will too. Current Mood: melancholy. There have been all too many days, these past couple of years, when I feared that the United States was going the way of the Weimar Republic.

And now the moment of coup is at hand. Rioters breaking into the Capitol, even the floor of the House and Senate. One of them trying to haul down the American flag and replace it with a Trump flag. Congressmen and senators being forced to recess and seek safety. This is an attempted coup. Make no mistake. I am still hopeful that it will end as a failed coup, a Beer Hall Putsch, but we shall see.

The inaction of law enforcement thusfar has been shocking. Make no mistake, these are not protestors, these are not patriots, these are rioters attempting to destroy our democracy. He should be arrested, removed from office, tried for treason, convicted, and imprisoned. And Rudy with him. This is their work. Current Mood: angry. The deuces are back. The wild card virus, as all readers of the series know, affects every victim differently.

Ninety per cent of those stricken draw the black queen, and die. Those who survive their transformation are generally classified either as jokers, twisted and malformed by the xenovirus, or aces, who emerge with superpowers of one sort or another.

But there is a fourth category: the so-called deuces, whose powers are trivial, seemingly useless, sometimes ludicrous. The Wild Cards series got its start in with a twelve-volume run at Bantam Spectra. After that, however, there was a seven year break in our publication history, until Byron Preiss picked the series for iBooks. When Byron was killed in a tragic automobile accident, however, iBooks did not long survive him. Brick Tower Press later acquired the iBooks backlist, but the two iBooks originals have remained very difficult to find… so all of us in Wild Cards are thrilled that the two books will now reach the readership they deserve with these new Tor editions.

The contributing authors were Melinda M. The new Tor edition will include all that and more. I loved the new content, and I hope you will as well. Here is the cover, showing 1 of 13 new illustrations. Arantza has also been assigned to create private commissions. Arantza is greatly influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite painters and the Art Nouveau era in general.

Her beautiful and romantic characters are often trapped in a dark and dangerous gothic world. Current Mood: happy. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. I was one of those finalists. I lost, but editing the book made up for that. That came out in hardcover in I would ultimately edit six of those annual well, in theory Campbell Award anthologies.

Five were actually published. We did have a seven year hiatus in there, but never mind. Three more volumes are under contract and I am working on them now; look for them in and Wild Cards is a shared world. Editing the mosaics, weaving the stories together, is the most difficult and demanding sort of editing there is, in my opinion, but I love it. Gardner was an old friend, and a dear friend, the first person I ever met at the very first SF con I ever attended, and the guy who fished me out of the slushpile.

He was also one of the greatest editors in the history of science fiction and fantasy. He won the Hugo for Best Professional Editor sixteen times, a record unlikely to be broken. Working with him was always such a joy. Gardner and I had hoped to do many more anthologies together… but he was taken from us in A rose by any other name, however…. We were very pleased with how it came out.

If you have not read it, check it out. Current Mood: satisfied. This blog is the only place for official communication from George R. Blog Home George's Website. Reflections on a Bad Year February 2, at am. January has gone past in the blink of an eye. What was good about ? Besides the election? Well… for me… there was work. I will talk about all that in a different blog post. Meanwhile, guys and gals, please keep yourselves safe and healthy.

I will try to do the same. Current Mood: tired Tags: life and death , writing. The Story of Wild Cards January 22, at am. But be warned. There are some spoilers. Read and enjoy. Current Mood: pleased Tags: Beastly Books , editing , wild cards.

A New Hope January 20, at pm. A Farewell to Phyl January 18, at pm. Be well, my friends. Current Mood: sad Tags: fandom , life and death , writing. Martin is doing something other than writing again. In a blog post titled "Kill Me Now," Martin had quite a bit to say about the deal. And it wasn't just about Beckham.

He's about as clear on the Giants' plan as series watchers are on the role of the Three-Eyed Raven. Yes, they are. During the season they traded their best run-stopper, [Damon] Snacks Harrison. Come to offseason, they let Landon Collins , an All-Pro safety and the heart of their defense, walk for nothing. Then they traded their best pass rusher, Olivier Vernon.

And now they have traded OBJ. Their best wideout, and one of the very best in the NFL. They are certainly not going to replace him with the 17th overall pick in the forthcoming draft. To Mr. Martin I would say He asked if there was an outstanding talent coming out of next year's draft, and there are quite a few -- but they're mostly pass rushers.


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