what does yankee mean in football betting

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What does yankee mean in football betting next conservative leader betting odds

What does yankee mean in football betting

Suppose we have four football matches, and you have chosen to back the following four selections in the Full-time Result market:. As long as you fancy a few goal-scorers or think you can predict the correct score in a game , it is really straightforward to place a Yankee bet. You can place a Yankee bet on any sport, as long as you back four selections across four different events. However, much like accumulator bets, the most popular sports for a Yankee are football, horse racing, and greyhound racing.

This is easy. Choose your selections from four different matches and head to the online bet slip. Enter your stake, and find your estimated winnings. You will get a payout should at least two selections land. Most leading bookmakers will allow you to place a Yankee bet across markets, including the classic Match Betting and other popular ones like Both Teams to Score and First Goalscorer. You can mix and match markets as well.

For instance, two selections can be from the Match Betting market, while the other two can be from the First Goalscorer and Both Teams to Score markets. Atalanta Correct Score. It works exactly the same way as it does in football. Simply select the four horses or greyhounds you fancy across four different events, head to the bet slip, and type in the stake.

Check your estimated winnings. You will get a payout if at least two selections land. Let's use a bet on greyhound racing as an example. Of course you can place an each-way Yankee, and you place it the exact same way. Remember that:. You can wager an each-way Yankee with any of the bookies we recommend. Probably yes, but remember that for your four-fold accumulator or any traditional acca, for that matter to pay, all selections have to land. That is precisely why a Yankee bet is an excellent strategy to diversify your wager and spread the risk.

The only downside is that it requires 11x the original stake, considering you have 11 bets instead of one. But if you are confident about the form of your selections, you can do very well with a Yankee bet. After you have placed a Yankee bet, you might want to put your feet up and plan what to do with the potential winnings. But hang on. Before you do that, you want to know whether you can afford that family retreat to Disney World in Florida or a holiday around the UK.

This is where an online Yankee bet calculator is essential. A Yankee bet calculator will let you work out your predicted Yankee bet winnings. Type in the odds of your selections, and enter the stake. Our own Yankee bet calculator should be up and running soon, so keep checking this space! Also called a Canadian bet , a Super Yankee bet works much like a Yankee; the only difference is that here, you must back five selections across five different events instead of four.

A Lucky 15 bet also features four selections. However, there is a difference. Therefore, a Lucky 15 bet has 15 bets in total. A Yankee bet is a type of multi-bet accumulator. It is a four-selection wager that consists of 11 bets — 6 double bets, 4 treble bets, and 1 four-fold accumulator. As long as you have four selections, you can place a Yankee on multiple sports. However, the most popular sports for placing this kind of bet are football, greyhound racing, and horse racing.

Similarly, three winners and one non-runner in a four-fold would see you get paid at the value of the treble since three winners created. Of course you can. Remember that an each-way Yankee automatically doubles the original stake. That said, it increases your chances of getting a payout, considering there would be 22 bets now — 11 bets for your selections to win, and 11 for them to place.

Four selections from four different events must be made instead. Bettors who wish to make multiple selections on one single event should explore the different kinds of forecast bets that are available. A yankee bet is a kind of multiple bet and there are several different kinds of multiple bets that bettors can place. As the name suggests, double bets allow the bettor to make two different selections in one single bet. If both of these selections win then the bettor will make a return.

If neither of them wins or just one of them wins, the bettor will not make a return. Treble bets add a third selection and if all three win then the bettor makes a return. A trixie bet also allows bettors to make three selections, but four bets are made: three double bets and one treble bet.

This means that bettors can afford to have one of their selections lose and still make a return under the conditions of a trixie bet. The single loss is covered by the inclusion of the three double bets. A Lucky 15 includes 15 bets and so, like a yankee bet, the stake placed is quite high.

As part of this kind of bet, the bettor places 15 bets in total. The bets are: six double bets, four treble bets, four single bets and one four-pronged accumulator. With so much on the line, many bookmakers allow for bonuses in certain outcomes, which is why this kind of a bet is called a Lucky For example, if the bettor gets all of their selections right, the bookmaker may offer a bonus.

Yankee bets can be very complicated to understand, but may be good options for those who are looking for a high likelihood of a return. Bettors should be wary though. With four selections to make, anyone wishing to place a yankee bet should be well versed in the sport and the participants they are betting on.

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Our initial outlay has increased again, but we now have 26 chances of winning — and so our risk is spread even further. Most crucially, our earning potential is greatly enhanced, as we still only need two of our five selections to come up trumps for us. And so there you have it. A Yankee offers you a potential goldmine of bookie-bashing potential , but you need to have full confidence in your four selections — otherwise you may end up empty-handed. Remember, if only two of your four selections come in then you may only break even.

Dean Wyatt is the founder and editor here at Acca Nation. Ratings Policy Ad AccaNation. In the interest of transparency we'd like you to know that we are compensated for any traffic we send to online bookmakers. Anything less than knowing the full components and you might as well hand your money straight over to the bookie and not even bother with a bet card. Betting yankee is actually not a single bet. Yankees are one of the multiple bet systems out there, it is a full coverage bet, and they require a fair bit of skill to accomplish.

A Yankee is made up of four selections , and being a full coverage bet, it means that all possible combinations of bets from those four selections are included. So, from four selections, you can make 6 Doubles, 4 Trebles and a Fourfold accumulator.

Single selections are not included in a Yankee. So that is a total of eleven bets placed from four selections to make a Yankee Bet. When placing a stake, your unit stake will be applied to each of the eleven bets. Again, when you place a yankee bet , you are actually placing 11 bets. The individual bets are 4 doubles , 6 trebles , and one quad.

We only recommend bookmakers for yankee bets that live up to the highest standards of quality. Our list of best online bookmakers is compiled with expert knowledge. Like any other accumulator bet , this style of betting requires you to be correct on multiple fronts. At least 2 of your bets must be right for you to get any kind of payout on the bet at all.

Given the overall volatility of the horse racing process, this can either be a fairly sure thing or a complete unknown. It definitely helps to have good knowledge of the horses involved, the jockeys, and the stables. As with any other bet, the more informed that you are about all of the elements that are involved, then the greater chance you have of pulling off the multiple bet successfully. Having a good information service at your fingertips can be invaluable.

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Any multiple works by using the returns from the previous leg of the bet as the stake for the next selection. So if one of the double bets in a Yankee win, the returns from it would be as if you had just played a straight double on its own. They are all treated as the individual multiple bets. A Yankee offers the combination of multiple bets from a small number of selections.

The appeal of that is that if all selections were correct then the cumulative odds within all of the created bets would add up to a big deal. All of the selections in the example won, so that meant that each and every combination of multiple bet was successful.

A Yankee needs a minimum of two selections within it to return something. However, depending on the odds being played, that still may not be enough to cover the initial outlay. One losing selection will wipe a total of seven of the eleven bets in a Yankee. That is where the thin line is. Two losing selections in a Yankee will wipe out ten of the eleven bets in it. You would be left with only the one double. The winning odds of the only two winners combined for a double does not return enough in order to cover the initial stake.

An each way option can be applied to a Yankee bet. What that will immediately do is raise the initial stake by double. That is because you will, in essence, be placing a matched stake on each of the eleven bets within the Yankee, to meet the Place coverage.

It would leave less coming back from the Yankee. The general rule of thumb for Yankee betting is to stick with some larger priced options in the bet. This is partly why it is used more commonly on horse racing where prices are geared more towards being Yankee-friendly. Placing a Yankee bet on Bet can simply be done right in the bet slip.

Browse around the horse race cards and pick out your selections. A Super Yankee bet is a wager that is formed of all possible multiple bets from five selections. The bet is a full cover bet type and it does not include the five selections as win singles within it. In total it consists of 26 separate bets. A Super Yankee bet also goes by another well-known name, which is a Canadian. They are exactly the same thing, just different names. Why it is sometimes referred to as a Super Yankee is because it is crafted from one more selection than a regular Yankee is.

A regular Yankee starts from four selections, a Super Yankee starts with five. Within the Super Yankee bet, the biggest bet is the five-fold accumulator. Along with that, there are five 4-fold bets, ten trebles and ten doubles all in there. The bet does not need all five selections to win in order to get a return back from it. The minimum amount of winning selections needed is two, because that forms one successful double.

Each of the individual bets in the Super Yankee requires its own unit stake. A Super Yankee works off of the cumulative odds that comes from the multiples bets within it. Because all 26 bets in a Super Yankee are multiples it means that the odds can stack up to a big return. A multiple bet uses what has been returned from the previous leg as the next legs stake. If the third leg of a 4-fold has been successful for example, the returns from that are played as the stake on the final leg of the bet.

The more selections that are right within a Super Yankee, the more successful multiple bets are going to be formed. In order to raise the probability of the legs being successful, odds-on favourites are selected. If all of the selections were winners, then naturally that would mean that a big payday is on the way.

That is where the appeal comes in. From five odds-on favourites, a big return can be earned. However, because they are all long odds-on prices then the weakness of a Super Yankee is revealed if the bet is not fully successful.