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Best bets on football games

View Article. College Basketball 1h ago. The Super Bowl is in the books, which means we'll all be turning our attentions…. UFC 9h ago. UFC A look ahead to Usman vs. It has only been a month in the new year, which means some of the…. NBA 10h ago. View Predictions. University of Connecticut. Northern Iowa. South Florida. Georgia Tech. Wake Forest. Boston College. Mississippi State. Ole Miss.

Iowa State. Arizona State. Washington State. Maple Leafs. Red Wings. Blue Jackets. SN Golden Knights. UFC Maki Pitolo vs. Julian Marquez Predictions View Predictions. UFC Jim Miller vs. Bobby Green Predictions View Predictions. UFC Kelvin Gastelum vs. Ian Heinisch Predictions View Predictions. UFC Maycee Barber vs. Alexa Grasso Predictions View Predictions. UFC Kamaru Usman vs. Gilbert Burns Predictions View Predictions.

Tottenham Hotspur. Wolverhampton Wanderers. Leicester City. Crystal Palace. Manchester City. Home teams are generally favored by 3 or 3. Bets on the spread are still assigned odds usually or to provide a rake for the sportsbook. A bet on the losing team can still be successful if the team loses by fewer points than the spread listed at the time of the wager. Bets on the winning team are only successful if they cover the spread, so if the Chiefs are listed as 7. Point spreads often fluctuate based on the amount of action coming in on either side of the line.

These totals, usually set somewhere between 40 and 52 points, are almost always listed with a decimal point example: A matchup between the Bills and Jets might have a relatively low total of There are tons of factors to consider when betting the total, including weather and other conditions heading into the game.

Pace of play can be a huge factor in determining how many possessions each team squeezes into 60 minutes, and how many scoring opportunities they can generate. Proposition bets: Many sportsbooks offer propositions on the performances of teams or individual players. If Lamar Jackson has a prop bet on rushing for The player has to start the game for the action to count, but if they depart with an injury, there is no return on investment for those who back the over. The more high profile the contest, the more props are available, with the Super Bowl generating a laundry list of options including bets on the color of Gatorade the winning team will dump on their coach and the length of the national anthem.

Futures bets: Futures bets are essentially proposition bets on a team. Some Futures are only available prior to the season, such as win totals and whether a team will make the playoffs. The market for the conference champions and Super Bowl champion, however, is constantly changing throughout the season based on results and news updates.

Parlay bets: Pairing multiple bets together can create bigger payouts, with more risk. These pairings are known as parlays and they essentially combine the odds of any number of bets to create an all-or-nothing proposition. A parlay can be placed on the moneyline, spread, or point total for any game within an NFL week, so there are no real restrictions. There are no real restrictions on the number of games that can be combined.

Usually, a parlay includes three or four results, with a potential 4x or 5x return on investment. Again, all of the bets have to be successful, so a 4-team parlay on the Steelers, Saints, Patriots, and Chiefs to cover would not pay out if the Saints come up even 1-point shy of their assigned point spread. Teaser bets: A teaser is a way to tilt the field in your favor so that your parlay is more likely to cash. These wagers also link multiple games or results together, but the bettor gets to adjust the spread or point total in a more favorable direction, at the cost of lower odds.

For example, if the Steelers, Saints, Patriots, and Chiefs were all favored by 7. The return on investment would likely be closer to 2x or 3x the initial stake, rather than the lofty returns of a parlay. Live betting: With so many excellent online sportsbooks now available, live betting is becoming increasingly popular. Oddsmakers will constantly adjust the spread, moneyline, and total throughout a game based on results. This can provide a huge advantage for savvy fans who are watching the game and detect a reason, or have a strong predilection that one team will come back to win or cover.

If the Cowboys are 9. When a team has a huge performance at home one week, but hits the road for a cross country trip the next week, the public might assume they will continue to roll. Weather impact: Weather plays a huge impact in the NFL on a weekly basis and can be a critical factor to consider when placing any sort of bet. Teams that play and practice in fair weather or in domes can have completely different results in cold weather.

Windy and wet conditions can disrupt passing games and favor teams with more of a run-heavy approach. Inclement weather also plays a key role in the point total, usually leading to lower scoring affairs that end quicker due to more running plays. Of course, public perception tends to shift based on the weather and lines will adjust as well, creating another opportunity to fade the public and predict that some passing attacks will do just fine despite windy or wet conditions, and some fair-weather teams will snap their trend of struggling in colder climates.

Injury reports: When a high-profile skill player is injured, it rarely goes unnoticed. Reading the injury reports with analysis as to the importance of each player that is in danger of missing an NFL contest can be a key way to gain information prior to placing bets. That helped opponents hang with the Chiefs high-scoring offense, leading to more of their games going over the total, and more underdogs covering.

There are similarly impactful injuries to offensive lineman, linebackers, cornerbacks, and even special teams players to consider each week. Advanced statistics: Basic statistics, such as scrimmage yards and touchdowns, will tell you only a portion of the story from an NFL game.

There are plenty of advanced statistics that tell a more complete story when it comes to the performance of teams and specific skill groups. These metrics can be adjusted based on the strength of each opponent, so they become even more useful with each passing week. They can be incredibly useful when analyzing individual matchups between wide receivers and cornerbacks that are deficient in certain areas of the field.

Essentially, they help you determine which players and teams have been somewhat lucky, and which are due for improved performance.


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The Super Bowl is in the books, which means we'll all be turning our attentions…. UFC 9h ago. UFC A look ahead to Usman vs. It has only been a month in the new year, which means some of the…. NBA 10h ago. View Predictions. University of Connecticut. Northern Iowa.

South Florida. Georgia Tech. Wake Forest. Boston College. Mississippi State. Ole Miss. Iowa State. Arizona State. Washington State. Maple Leafs. Red Wings. Blue Jackets. SN Golden Knights. UFC Maki Pitolo vs. Julian Marquez Predictions View Predictions. UFC Jim Miller vs. Bobby Green Predictions View Predictions. UFC Kelvin Gastelum vs. Ian Heinisch Predictions View Predictions. UFC Maycee Barber vs. Alexa Grasso Predictions View Predictions. UFC Kamaru Usman vs.

Gilbert Burns Predictions View Predictions. Tottenham Hotspur. Wolverhampton Wanderers. Leicester City. Crystal Palace. Manchester City. Aston Villa. Manchester United. Because of its popularity, the NFL offers the most diverse ways to place a wager; football betting doubtless sees the highest action at sportsbooks.

Terms and conditions affecting the bonus offers available to you vary by location. Please consult the sportsbook website directly to view the most up-to-date terms and conditions regarding the bonus offers outlined on this page. Read what our betting analysts have uncovered about upcoming match-ups, betting line movement, and who they predict will win. The Superbowl saw the Kansas City Chiefs lift the coveted trophy. But who will be in ? The odds were updated on January 7, We highlight the best lines for the biggest games, and bring you updated Futures lines for every game week.

There are multiple ways to bet on Football, and even the most experienced sharps can improve their skills to make better football bets. Not only does a spread balance the odds between unequal opponents, but it can create drama late in games that would otherwise lack any. In the NFL, since scoring can come in 2, 3, 6 and 7-point increments, the spreads for football typically settle around those margins. Typically, if two NFL teams are evenly matched, the home team is a three-point favorite; conventional wisdom is that home-field advantage counts for roughly three points in the NFL.

The Hidden Dangers of Betting On Big Spreads Those big spreads can be a dangerous bet in football, even when one side appears to be much better than the opposition. Depending on which side you take, it can be the most frustrating or rewarding moment in gambling.

To avoid getting burned on a backdoor cover, you can always simplify your betting by playing the moneyline. Moneyline Betting on the NFL Betting the moneyline means performing the simple act of picking who will win the game. As you can see, the disparity in payout between the spread and the moneyline can be great at times.

However, the moneyline does provide a chance at big winnings if an underdog comes through, so if you had a good feeling about the Jets, the moneyline would be the better play. Game Totals Every NFL game will also have a total you can bet on which we explain in more detail in this section. NFL game totals have historically ranged anywhere from 30 to 60 points.

NFL totals are set based on a number of factors like the level of offensive and defensive talent in the game, whether the opponents are division rivals, and what the forecasted weather in the area will be. The over is always more fun to bet, because cheering for points is more enjoyable. But to successfully play totals, you have to be willing to play the under once in a while. The first half will have both a spread and total and the second half line will usually be made available during the game.

The same goes for individual quarters, which will often see higher totals for the second and fourth quarter, due to the high number of timeouts during those frames. With more individual statistics available than any other sport, NFL games have the richest tapestry of props available. A primetime game could have close to props associated with it. Primetime games are the only event in a specific window, like Monday nights, so bookmakers often give bettors more opportunities to play props then they would on busy Sunday afternoon window.

Props offer a chance to wager on the game without betting on the final score, but they have some downsides, like carrying a lower maximum bet compared to the spread and moneyline. You may also notice less favorable odds than you get on moneyline or spread bets: bookmakers tend to over-round the implied probability more on props, because less money is coming in on them. The NFL has three betting markets for those bet types: parlays, teasers, and futures.

During matches you can bet on live betting markets. All of these can provide value for bettors, as long as they understand how each works. Combining two short moneyline favorites can result in odds much closer to even money. Just remember all events on a parlay must win for the bet to be successful. If you want to know strictly about Parlays and Teasers we have that covered too. In a teaser, the better gets to adjust the point spread of at least two games by 6 to 10 points. The standard NFL teaser is six points, so the bettor gets to either add six points to an underdog or subtract six points from a favorite.

By teasing the spread, the Bills can now lose by as many as 12 points to generate a win for bettors, while the Steelers only need to win by two for a win! But remember, all teasers must include at least two games. Like parlays, all legs of a teaser must win in order for the wager, as a whole, to be a winner. A common NFL teaser is to find multiple favorites laying between 4. Another common teaser is to find tease multiple underdogs over seven points.

Pick your favorite team and put some money on them and make it the most memorable season ever when they make it to the big game in February. Given the number of stoppages of play in the NFL, some books will give you the chance to wager on the outcome of every play in a game. You can bet on whether the next pass completion; whether the next drive will end in a field goal, touchdown, turnover or punt; even bet on what type of play the offense will call next: run or pass.

Halftime Live betting is something that most sportsbooks offer. At halftime, the sportsbook will post moneyline odds for the remainder of the game. For a close game, betting the underdog is another opportunity to grab value. Additionally, halftime only last 15 minutes so value can be found since the sportsbooks are making rush decisions that cater towards the public money favorites. Public Money As with most sports, bettors generally back the favorites in pro football.

NFL lines will be posted on Tuesdays. As you get closer to Sundays, the favorites tend to become bigger favorites and the underdogs are bigger underdogs. When analyzing the matchup on Tuesday, it could be best to act immediately if you like the favorite or wait until closer to kickoff if you like the underdog. Handicapping Regular Season vs Playoffs We already know that home teams win more often in the regular season, but what about in the playoffs?

What about each round of the playoffs? Unsurprisingly, according to Pro Football Reference, the home team is even more likely to win in the playoffs. From to , the home team won Come playoff time, that number jumped to In the Wild Card round, home teams won That increases to 65 percent in both the divisional and championship rounds. If you consider home-field an advantage in the regular season, come playoffs it is more significant and should be bet accordingly.

Knowing where public money is going can help you in the long term. If you feel strongly that a home favorite will win when the lines first come out, it is best to bet it early before public money drives up the odds. A moneyline on Tuesday can become by Saturday.

By placing the same bet earlier at a lower cost you have saved money and reduced the juice read our guide on that. With an underdog, the odds tend to improve. By knowing these trends, your gains are greater and losses are cheaper. When inclement weather is in the forecast, game totals tend to go down over the course of the week.

With teams only playing once per weekend, bettors can spend days preparing, looking at each matchup, studying trends, and tracking line movements.

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